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The Three Medicines

The Story of Humanity is changing. We explore the Three Medicines that are healing the deep wounds of society: psycho-spiritual healing, reciprocity with the natural world, and the revival of community life. 


The story of humanity is changing.
Something bigger, more ancient, lies deep beneath our efforts to affect climate change, social justice, and economic equality.

There’s a convergence of hobbies, beliefs, and new paradigms that are saying the same thing, pointing us in the same direction: we recognize the need to reconnect with ourselves, reconnect with nature, and reconnect with our communities. Allies from all around the globe are saying this message in their own unique voice. Permaculture practitioners are rediscovering the language of the land. Communities are rediscovering the richness of interdependence. Individuals are healing ancient traumas. 

With a groundswell of action, reflection, and activism, the new story of humanity is becoming clear and tangible. The old stories of righteous individualism are being transformed into being a keystone contributor. The old stories of domination over nature are evolving to reciprocal gift and existential dependence. And the old stories of the neglected Self are blossoming into a radiant expression of Being.

The Three Medicines is a container for this surge of interconnected activity and a pathway for a practical revolution, towards a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, where every everything and everyone is revered as sacred. 

Image by Jared Rice


Inner Healing

 Captures the explosion of teachings and tools for deepening our spiritual and psychological practices. Pioneers of this Medicine include counselors, elders, faith-leaders, wisdom tradition masters, and more. 



Nature Reconnection

Captures the resurgence of small-scale farming, permaculture, plant medicine, and indigenous thinking. Pioneers of this Medicine include permaculturists, regenerative thinkers, wilderness immersion, and more.



Community Life Revival

captures the renaissance of gift-economy, co-living, ceremony circles and ecovillages. Pioneers of this Medicine include intentional communities, special-interest groups, faith-groups, and more.

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Journal: Volume 1

For a further exploration of the Three Medicines framework 


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