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The Team


After experiencing one of the longest and coldest winters in Boston, Travis and Dania got on the road the summer of 2021, embarking on a very meaningful quest of exploring intentional communities around the US, in search of hope, nature re-connection and community. They volunteer to make The Sacred Everything a reality, this is a not-for-profit organization.




















After a month of adventuring, they landed in the Appalachia region, where they found Earthaven Ecovillage near Asheville, NC and were lucky enough to engage in their Experience Week, which is a yearly immersive program organized by SOIL (School of Integrated Living), where they met 25 other folks that were as equally excited and curious about finding kindred spirits and exploring what a more beautiful and reciprocal world could look like. 

IMG_7900 2.HEIC

Among this group of wonderful humans, they met Dennis Pavlyuck, now friend and current co-host of their podcast. After a couple months of talking intermittently, the seed of intention that had been planted in the sacred soil of Earthaven months before, started to sprout into fruitful conversations to what then would give birth to The Sacred Everything

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