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Hello, I'm Travis!

Regenerative Creator & Systems Magician

Co-host & Belly Laughs for The Sacred Everything Podcast

Chief Happy Officer, The Happy Planet Academy

Founder, Gridling Global Design & Infrastructure 

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A Bit About Me

A bit of Vision - I see a world where deep happiness drives our lifestyle choices and world-building. Systems transformation takes place because it just feels better to make circular and regenerative choices. Compassion and joy are baked in the DNA of all cultural artifacts - including our economy, institutions, and businesses. 

A bit of Mission - Whether through business or art, my work facilitates the conscious transformation of humankind towards inner and outer harmony. Inner peace, balance with nature, and all the stuff in between. 

How I Work


Public Speaking, Podcast, Music, Essays


Public Speaking - With a decade of public speaking experience, I speak as a subject matter expert in Sustainability, Resiliency and Clean Energy - usually representing the corporate or government organizations I work for. Believe it or not, my youth leadership in Boy Scouts led me to address thousands of Boy Scouts at a time from 2000-2004.

Podcast - Interviewing pioneers in psycho-spiritual healing, community life, and nature reconnection - I co-founded The Sacred Everything podcast. Check us out on all podcast platforms. Listen to The Sacred Everything

Music - Relaxing and poppy, my music tells stories of empowerment and enlightenment in daily life. How can we keep the light on inside, throughout bouts of anxiety in a changing world? The answer: awakening love, every second of every day. Listen to Travis & Samadhi


Essays - I write about the the relationship between humankind, the non-human world, and spirituality. Check out my Writing


Facilitation, Teaching

Facilitation - With a decade of experience as a facilitator for public-private partnerships, I design, implement and facilitate containers for systems transformation. From my work with regulators and utilities in government, to business partnerships in the corporate world, these experiences are approachable and empowering for participants of all stripes.

Teaching - Founder of the Happy Planet Academy, with courses for individuals, communities and institutions who want to explore the deep roots of systems transformation. Group-setting, live coursework incorporates design-thinking, systems theory, community science, socio-cultural study, and economy/supply chain basics. Check out the Happy Planet Academy



Design, Planning, Consulting 

With a decade of experience as an architect and urban planner, I have developed plans and strategies for single structures and entire cities in four continents across the globe. My design company, Gridling Global, serves clients with advisory in infrastructure, sustainability, urban design, and strategy for sustainability and smart-cities. See the work of Gridling Global

Pub Speakig


Climate Crisis: A Problem of Myth?

Reexamining What We Worship 

Published in Kosmos - Journal of Global Transformation, Spring 2022

Essay 2


I'm always looking for new and exciting collaborations. Let's connect!

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