See how the Story of Humanity is changing.
Explore the Three Medicines that are healing the deep wounds of society: psycho-spiritual healing, reciprocity with the natural world, and the revival of community life.

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The Three Medicines

The Sacred Everything highlights pioneers who are healing the deep-wounds of society.

Psycho Spiritual Healing

Wound 1: Our culture promotes violence against the self, our emotions, and even our bodies. Self-violence manifests in every facet of our daily lives, from our nutrition to our consumerism, from our self-talk to our relationships. Our needs, for deep emotional connection and inner vitality are rarely met. Pioneers of this Medicine include therapists, ministers, yogi's, energy workers, and more.  

to Nature 

Wound 2: We have lost our fundamental connection with Nature, that we are in a reciprocal dance with the non-human world. Disconnected from our food-sources, from contact with the 'wild', our culture makes it easy to exploit Mother Earth  without considering her gifts. Pioneers of this Medicine include Permaculturists, regenerative thinkers, wilderness immersion, and more.

Community life revival

Wound 3: Our culture promotes individuality and self-reliance, to a point where we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders. Dependence is seen as weakness. In reality, dependence lightens the load on the individual and enriches our every day experience through spontaneous gift. Pioneers of this Medicine include intentional communities, special-interest groups, faith-groups,

and more. 

The Team 
The Sacred Everything is a collaboration of many minds and hearts.


Travis Sheehan

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Regenerative creator, systems magician. Co-host and belly laughs. Literally from Jupiter.


Dania Trejo

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Aesthetic mystic, head witch. Marketing, community, and design manager. Desert moon child. 


Dennis Pavlyuk

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Technical wizard, philosophical gymnast. Co-host and editor.
First gen Ukranian - US.